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Welcome to hgc!

Holmes Golf Course was built in the early 1960's and has been a favorite in the city of Lincoln for years!  Our 18 hole championship course is layed out over gradual hills and has some great views of Holmes Lake.  We have an amazing driving range looking out over the lake for your practice needs and our new clubhouse is beautiful and is ready for parties, receptions, & meetings! 

Our Mission to You...

Our goal is to offer the best customer service possible and to make everyone's golf experience the best that it can be.  Whether you are a beginner or an avid golfer, we want you to feel welcome while you are with us at Holmes!



Our Golf Staff


Scott Weihe, PGA Head Professional

Timothy Fox, PGA Assistant Professional

Will Rehm, Shop Assistant

Spencer Miller, Shop Assistant

Ryan Swogger, Shop Assistant

Keith Stemper, Shop Assistant

Rich Olson, Shop Assistant

Kenny Trauernicht, Shop Assistant


One of many very nice views here at Holmes. This one overlooking downtown Lincoln and the State Capitol Building.

The best view from any golf course in town?



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Lincoln City Golf

Open House



Saturday April 4 10:00 to 4:00

A fun day with something for everyone. Callaway Golf will be here for a Demo Day, GolfZilla will be on location to test your accuracy. Free Hot Dogs & Pepsi for everyone. Our local golf organizations will be here and information will be available on all our golf programs.

Drawings throughout the day!




Maintainance Staff




Jay Tussing, GCSAA Superintendent

Mary Hoelscher, Asst Superintendent

Scott Kennedy, Asst Superintendent

Shep Ottley, Asst Superintendent



Featured Tip




Avoid "Going Over the Top"

This is a very common flaw in many golf swings and if you find yourself hitting a hard pull - a solidly struck ball but ending up in the left rough or left of the green, and maybe when your not pulling the ball your hitting the ball out on the toe of your clubface and the ball is going 0high and short to the right: You just might be guilty of this move too. The cure is pretty simple: going over the top is caused by starting your downswing with the upper body rather than the lower body simply stated. Once you have reached the top of your backswing try to make your very first move to turn your hips towards your target or start to open your hips if that makes more sense. If you can master this simple move, your upper body will follow and the club has no other choice but to properly come from a inside path and solidly strike the ball. Watch a tour player and you will notice that while their club is still approaching the top of the backswing, the hips are already starting to open towards the target and properly starting the downswing.



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