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Junior Golf


Junior Golfers are the future of the game and we at Holmes Golf Course are committed to having a solid junior golf program in place. Our PGA Professional has over 10 years experience running one of the finest junior golf programs in the country and he brings with him a real passion for the junior golfers in our community.


TEAM GOLF is for the junior golfer 7-11 years in age for boys and 7 – 13 years in age for girls with beginning level golf experience and offers an introduction to tournament play through 9-hole team competitions. TEAM GOLF will serve as a fun, social and less stressful approach to tournament golf providing juniors with knowledge and skills that encourage long term youth development and a lifetime of golf enjoyment.

This is our first year conducting TEAM GOLF and it's sure sure to be a blast. We have chosen the "Holmes Hawks" as our team name this year and will have team outfits for all the children(Polo Shirt, Hoodie, Tee Shirts, Hats) on the team with our name and logo. The teams will practice and play together each week and will also receive some instruction from our Hawks coaches. Call us for more information or to sign up. Check out some of the language below that we will be using during TEAM GOLF, we think it will get your junior golfer excited about being at the links this summer!

TEAM GOLF Language

Team6 starting players plus substitutes who attend a TEAM GOLF competition from one golf course. The team will be split later into two-person pairings who will play other golf course teams. Golf courses may send multiple teams to one event.

Pairing the two-person pairing is determined by a facility/coach. They will play another two-person pairing from another team/course in a match.

Match A 9-hole match play competition between two different teams. Two players from one team will play two players from another team over 9-holes which is considered the match.

PracticeAn organized team activity such as playing golf, golf clinics, lessons and more outside of a sanctioned NJGT TEAM GOLF event.

Training Camp
Golf camps taking place at TEAM GOLF facilities.

ScrimmageA competition between two teams/facilities not part of a sanctioned NJGT

TEAM GOLF event. They do not count for points but are fun and a great way to practice and play more golf. Scrimmages are set-up and run entirely by coaches, assistant coaches and teams.

TEAM Jersey The official NJGT TEAM GOLF uniforms worn by each player of a team at events. Regulation jerseys Nike Golf shirts with order form in the back of the manual. Jerseys have a TEAM GOLF logo on the front left chest and small embroidered number on the side arm. Any additional logos, team names, player names and the like can be added at your local embroiderer or screen print shop. Any additions must be appropriate, numbers cannot be added to the back of the shirt and no individual sponsors on jersey.


PGA Jr. Golf League will be our 2nd new program this year at Holmes. Another way to get tomorrows golfers competing today. More information coming soon on this new program.


PGA Junior League Golf is designed to better socialize the game for boys and girls ages 13 and under. PGA JLG features team vs team competitions in structured legues that provides a popular, less stressful scramble format as opposed to stroke play competition. This is a great way to get kids involved in the game!




Teenage Activities

Everything above is for the younger junior golfers, we know that there are some great teen golfers in our community and we at Holmes think we needed to have something on the schedule for these kids too. We will be taking sign-ups for our "Teen Golf League" beginning in April - right around the corner!


Not Sure if this is Legal?

The rules of Golf are

complicated! We believe that a

solid Junior Golf Program needs

"The Rules of Golf" to be a part

of it and we will conduct short

rules seminars and question and

answer sessions throughout the

summer as a part of all our

junior programs no matter the

age group involved. We will of course be age appropriate when talking about and enforcing

the rules. Not sure what the penalty would be for blowing the ball in the cup above?


A Game of Honesty, Honor & Respect

Golf is a unique game. You wont find anybody running around the course wearing black and white stripes waiting for somebody to break a rule and then calling a penalty. Golf is the only game in the world that you call a penalty on yourself (Honesty) or possibly even help a competitor to not break a rule. You also won't see anybody heckling a Golfer as he gets ready to swing, instead you'll see everyone being still and quiet (Respect). Finally, take a look at the players above, one of them just won a match and rather than throwing a tantrum or getting angry, they are shaking hands and congratulating each other (Honor). There are way worse things your children could be learning this summer and these three things just are not being taught on any other playing field. The golf course is a pretty good place for your kids to spend the day!

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